cyrtodactylus peguensis peguensis terrarium

Hey guys,

It is time to build a new tank for my cyrtodactylus peguensis peguensis, but here in Germany there are not really common and also the care informations are really rare. Actually there ist only one article in a reptile magazine from 2003 no more, in the article the say to keep them not so wet at all but I read in a other forum that a lot keep them in tank like frogs, wet with a water part etc. do you can confirm it ?

If you keep them it will be awesome if you show me some picture of your Tank for some inspiration ;-)

Best greetings from Berlin, Germany (this little country in Middle Europe) :biggrin:

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You're welcome.

Nope, not high humidity at all. Definitely NO water part/section!

I keep 3 of my 4 adult Cyrtodactylus peguensis zebraicus on layered substrates, so that I can periodically water the substrate. That keeps the relative humidity somewhat higher than in my bedroom. It keeps the topmost substrate layer relatively dry. I spray the enclosures several times per week.
In the 5.5 yo male's 20 gallon regular enclosure I have
  • 1 cork bark flat on 2/3rds of the back
  • 3 long narrow cork bark tunnels
  • 3 inch diameter water dish
  • 8 ounce clear glass food dish with vertical sides
  • 2 small coconut shell hides
  • 2 large Exo Terra twisty vines -- very important for climbing!
  • 1 philodendron plastic hanging plant with small leaves
  • Silk hanging plants with variegated leaves. Some silk plants are suspended from the screen top.
All the enclosures sit in my upstairs gecko room/bedroom. Round the clock temperatures during the summer range from 71 - 80ish*F (21.7*C - 26.7*C). At night the actual temperature may drop to 69*F (20.6*C). The room's thermostat is set for 71*F year round.

What do you use for supplements: vitamins, calcium, and vitamin D3?
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