What does the "Newbie" under my name mean on all my posts/replies?


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I usually see it on all of my posts but I'm not sure what it means, I did join this forum just recently, but could someone give me a list of what other ranks there are and how do I rank up? I'm thinking that I rank up for being here a long time or just posting/replying a lot. Also, sorry if I am posting this in the wrong category.


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It's rated by the number of posts you make.
In some cases you'll see "moderator" or "admin" in the same place as the "newbie".
It's not an award type of thing, so there's no need to make a lot of posts to go up in rank. Quality posts are better than quantity.

Elizabeth Freer

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The more posts you make, the quicker you'll rank up to Junior Member (200 posts), then Member (500 posts), then Senior Member (1,000 posts).
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