My first geckos


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I have a few questions i have a breading pair of frogeyed that i got from a guy.
First off he said it would take them a while to cycle in but i looked the outher day and i had an
Egg in it and earlier to day i found another one how hard and long does it take to hatch them and what all would i need to do. Second how offten will she lay eggs and how many should i expect. I would apreciate any and all help in this like i said they are my first and im going blind here thanks


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Welcome to GU! You may get an experienced person to respond, but your best bet is to google "frog eyed gecko care" or "frog eyed gecko breeding". I've been writing care sheets for someone's website and have consequently been googling other care sheets for species about which I don't know a lot and usually the care sheet has a breeding section.

Also, check out these articles:

Frog Eyed Gecko Care Sheet - Gecko Time - Gecko Time (I don't think the author has bred them but you can contact him and he may have some info for you)

Three to Get Ready Epilogue: Teratoscincus - Gecko Time - Gecko Time

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