new vivarium setup heat issue.


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new owner, learning every day.

this is for an american banded gecko.. i know this is the leopard forum, but from what i have researched, the setup and temperatures should be the same.. correct me if im wrong however.

I have a 25g tank.. 30" long.. with a hot side heated with a uth, and a cool side with a cool hide and moss kept damp. the humidity on the cool side is just over 50%.

the heat is where im seeing a problem..
i use the eco earth coconut fiber substrate and an open floor hide on top of it..
the uth is under the glass, and i put a digital thermometer on top of the glass, and under the substrate. it varies from 107F. which is too hot.

now, i just now ordered a thermostat, and had it shipped overnight. so i should recieve it tomorrow. I plan on putting the probe under the substrate next to the thermometer probe to regulate the heat at about 93*

I know that ideally you want it all under the tank, but i cant afford another uth at this time, and dont want to risk damage peeling it off..

I just want to check with you all and reassure myself im on the right track??

i had purchased a heat lamp, and red heat bulb as well, but i think ill take them back.. i dont think i need them.. and i plan to replace with just a red bulb for nighttime viewing.

we have had her since last saturday, and i have seen her eat once.
please advise.. :)



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I've moved your thread to the Banded Gecko forum. Posting in the leopard gecko section could become confusing, and you end up getting leopard info, which could cause problems for your gecko.


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I have kept Coleonx before. The thermostat is a good idea. I would recommend putting both probes on top of the substrate on the hot side because I don't find that these geckos burrow. You want to know the temperature where they will be spending their time.