flipped a pair of wild Coleonyx in Arizona last week


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ETA: they loaded out of order, lol. the last pic is the first gecko.

the first one (pic1), I flipped under a small rotting board out in the desert. the second one (pic 2-3), I flipped under a piece of old roofing tar paper on the back of my folks' property. he was smaller than the first, and really angry, lol. both barked, wagged their tails, and tried to bite. the larger one calmed down rapidly; the little guy stayed mad until I put him back down and he could scurry away. both had nice healthy tails, clear scales and eyes.gecko3.jpggecko2.jpggecko1.jpg


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thats amzing! they resemble a leopard gecko, their head shape and the colors really make me think of them.


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Very cool to see them in their native environment. I kept and bred them for about 10 years. When I was at the zoo in Palm Desert last month I checked the reptile house and didn't see any there. I let them know they should have this native species in their collection.