Alfalfa Pellets


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As im sure many of you have seen Alfalfa pellets are used in lots of pet stores but im wondering if a leo would do well on it. I have my Uro on them now and he can eat them and pass them successfully. I want something he can dig in. Let me know if you know anything about it. Thank you in advance.


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Uros eat plant matter and are much bigger than leopard geckos. Any ingestion of alfalfa pellets will be accidental and with the smaller digestive tract of the leopard gecko, I would't recommend it.

Also, Leos have fairly delicate skin compared to other reptiles and a lot of the pelleted beddings can be "sharp". I know when I used the compressed pine for my rats, after a while they got sores on their feet from walking in it. I had to go back to softer bedding. I would worry it would be uncomfortable for them to walk on.