2y/o LTC stopped eating, still licks his lips


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Hello Bonjour,
Looking to give yall as much information as you need so you can make an educated decision regarding this little problem

My gecko is in a 13x24x11 glass enclosure with a steel wire top, stapled over a wooden frame

He is a proven breeder and arrived in the mail september 26th 2019

Heres a reply from my supplier
''LTC means long term captive unlike most u see there on kijiji r fresh wild caughts this guys bin in my care over 3yrs and is chunky n healthy. Eats waxworms superworms and crickets like a champ and is a proven breeder"
I never fed him waxworms before though, as they are said to be very fattening.

Temperatures are between 70-74 during nights and 88-92 during days
I also have a heating pad adhered to the glass wall outside of the enclosure but i dont think it does all that much.

For about a week now he hasnt been eating his crickets or superworms, i used to feed him mealworms very early for the first month but i started putting him on a diet of superworms with the occasional cricket twice a week because crickets always jump out of the bowl and dirty the carpet. His 2nd last shedding was around the middle of november when his tail shed was discarded and again around the middle of december when most of his main body shed was discarded

A gentle weekly misting too, on whichever side of the enclosure he is not

Two hides

I use the carpet substrate because i know how scared these kinds of geckos get when you handle them, so being able to gently slide another carpet under the old carpet every 2 months is a lot easier than bothering with sand.

I once tried spot-brushing away the calcium mess but i dont think his respiratory system enjoyed that. It could be the cause of his non-eating but i only did that once and he was still eating and pooping regularly after.

As i say in the title i observed him staring right at the worm and licking his lips, and opwning his mouth a bit but he eventually shambled away and even once let the worm crawl underneath him which was when he darted across the enclosure for the other hide. He is scared of his own food now i guess.

I will try feeding him a little mealworm and waxworm

Until then i'd appreciate a little insight


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