Which digital hygrometer is best?


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This will go in an ExoTerra 18x24x36 enclosure. I've searched and seen some but don't know the difference between cheap junk and something reliable. Small and wireless would be preferred, but I can snake out a wire if necessary. I have 4 Mist King misters, two in the front, two in the back, and need to adjust misting time to maintain the appropriate humidity.

These tickle my tech side:



This one is water resistant


Edit: We'll see how this works -- I bought the water resistant high resolution version of the Sensorpush so it can be mounted on the back cork board and the misters won't hurt it, no need to make a protective spot for it. I'll report back here when I get it and have some experience with it.

Anyone with other options to recommend please post.

Edit again: Wonder if gecko poop will cause a problem?
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Welcome to Geckos Unlimited, laservet!

So you have a pair of Phelsuma grandis from Julie Bergman. Have you asked her?

Jon Klarsfeld may also have recommendations. He's in Florida.

Thanks. Julie uses a wireless Oregon Scientific, the email reply from giantdaygecko.com said nothing special, anything on Amazon is accurate enough.

I received mine yesterday, set it in the middle of the enclosure, and it appears I need to dial back the misting since the humidity is averaging 79.3% where the sensor is sitting. I'll get something to hang the sensor on the backboard closer to where the geckos spend most of their time and monitor it from there and adjust my misting accordingly.


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Yeah, I have the mister set for twice daily and it shows in the graph. Julie said to shoot for 50-70% and it doesn't have to be in that range the entire time, only once or twice daily. Initially when I received the sensor the humidity was very high and didn't drop much, the substrate was really wet. I cut the misting time for each session in half, the substrate looks reasonably moist, and the humidity has a pretty healthy fluctuation throughout the day.

I could smooth out the graph some by misting 3 times daily, may play with that a little. The open screen top should give sufficient ventilation, my sensor is located near the top of the enclosure at the level the geckos spend almost all of their time. They could go to lower areas which have a higher humidity level if they needed it. At least I know exactly what is happening.