Giant Day Gecko genetics and morphs?

I was wondering if anybody has any information about the genetics of Giant Day Gecko morphs.
Like which genes are dominant, recessive, co-dominant etc.

The morphs I am currently aware of are:
- Crimson
- Blue Blood
- Patternless
- Cherry Head

I ask because I have noticed with more popular species of geckos, such as Leopard geckos there are many morphs and the genetics behind them are not hard to find. However with Giant Days I can't find any information about the genes behind these morphs. I breed Giant Days as a hobby and would love to breed for certain color morphs, but that is hard to do when I'm unsure of where to start.

If anyone has any info that may help, that would be great. :D


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I don't know anything definitive about giant day gecko genetics but I wouldn't be surprised if they are all line bred, meaning that the way to get geckos that show one of those traits is to get the nicest specimens and breed them to each other, with some judicious outcrossing to make sure that they don't get too inbred. If you do find someone with that knowledge and it turns out that there is some dominant/recessive/codominant stuff going on, let me know because it will make a good GeckoTime article.