HelP! Phelsuma grandis FEMALES FIGHTING?!


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I recently purchased 2 new female phelsuma grandis to put with my single female phelsuma grandis. The viv is well planted and is 36x18x36 exo terra. At first things were fine, but I came home to my original single female’s neck ravaged :( I immediately separated the geckos, and have found the pair I purchased live fine together but for whatever reason do not tolerate my original female. My orifinal female is pushing 10 years old now, and the 2 new females are approximately 2 years of age. I want to believe that the breeder I got the “females” from sexed them correctly but I do have my doubts now because again, her neck was RAVAGED, and I have never heard of this happening with females.

I have attached a file of a picture of the ventral area of the gecko I believe is the one displaying aggressive behavior. If there is anyone out there that has advice, helpful comments or could confirm the sex, I would greatly appreciate it!!

Sidenote: the female phelsuma cepediana pair i got, so far, are doing great :D4CD1ED50-E412-4623-9658-970EE691B76D.jpg4CD1ED50-E412-4623-9658-970EE691B76D.jpg4CD1ED50-E412-4623-9658-970EE691B76D.jpg4CD1ED50-E412-4623-9658-970EE691B76D.jpg


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The pictures are too small for me to be able to tell. However, day geckos are notorious for not getting along with cagemates, even if they are all female. About 5 years ago, I got 2 juvenile female P. laticauda from a breeder who keeps multiple females together. They had some spats the first few weeks and then settled down. However, one didn't survive and I'm pretty sure the other (who I still have) bullied her without creating actual wounds. I think the most likely scenario is that you'll have to keep the new pair together but separate from your old one.