Young leo odd growth pattern


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I have a leo who is appx 2 months old and is not putting on weight easily. Would appreciate any feedback on if this is normal and what I can do to make his situation better if necessary.


Weight history (taken before feeding):
8/1 - 8g
8/7 - 9g
8/21 - 8g
8/28 - 13g
9/6 - 14g

5 out of 7 days is very interested in food. Sometimes he will skip one day a week or won't eat full offering of feeders.
A mix of dubia, crickets, and superworms offered daily. I tried bsf larvae the week of 8/7 but he vomited undigested worms back up after both feedings. Has not vomited before or since.
Dust 5 times a week with Arcadia EarthPro A
Dust every Sunday with PangeaCal D3
Dust every Thursday with Herptivite multivitamins

Excrement looks normal, doesn't smell horrible and isn't runny. Excretes daily.
Shedding without issue.

5 gal with uth, 90 degree hotspot and 73 degree cool end, thermostat controlled, no UVB. Ample hides in all temperature ranges. Low humidity is about 45%, humid hide is around 85%. Temp checked with temp gun and ambient thermometers. (obviously this is a baby tank, he'll be upgraded as he grows.) Placed in a low-traffic area of the house.

He is incredibly skittish and hasn't calmed down. He screams and is startled very easily. He gets stressed even at feedings so I only handle for weigh-ins and keep contact very low. I stopped all unessential interaction the week of 8/21 when I realized he was having difficulty growing and gaining weight. I moved him to a more secluded area of the house at this time.


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Is this a gecko you produced or one that you bought? I bred leopard geckos for 13 years and produced about 70 a year. I did have some geckos that matched this behavior profile. I've had hatchlings that were only 7-8 grams at 3-4 months. The gecko looks proportional in the picture. I think the most you can do is feed it regularly what it is willing to eat both in terms of type of feeder and amount and let it grow at the pace it's going to grow. Many juveniles calm down as they get older but some just hate to be held or interfered with. I have a male that I got as a young adult 5 years ago that still absolutely hates to be held.



Based on your information it looks like you're doing everything right! It looks like he's been gradually putting on weight. And it's also a good sign that he's eating & defecating okay.

So long as he's not drastically dropping weight and continues to increase weight over time I personally wouldn't be worried about it. If things go downhill you can always see if you can take a fecal sample to a reptile vet to check for parasites.

But again, I wouldn't be too worried unless things change.
Also, very cool looking gecko! I love his markings. :)