My gecko egg is looking weird


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Okay, so after not checking on my eggs since Wednesday (don't ask me how. I'm pretty sure I'm going crazy) I opened up the incubator this morning and candled the eggs. One had mold growing on it (I had found mold on it several days ago and switched it to a drier medium, then it molded again) and it looked too wet, even tho the medium is reasonably dry. The other egg, in the same type of setup, looks fine. When I candled them the one with mold looked empty. No veins, just yellowish frown.png . I looked to the side and there is a dark spot (probably the embryo) surrounded by a bright red splotch. It doesn't stink yet, so it's still incubating, but it doesn't look good. The other one has veins still, and doesn't look too wet. Also no mold.

Any ideas why one went bad? Am I doing something wrong, or was the embryo just not able to develop for some reason?

here's a link to the pics I took on photobucket: