I adopted a baby amputee


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Hi friends, last night I brought home a baby who had to have his tail and back left leg amputated due to some sort of unknown trauma. I have no idea how old he is but he is TEENY, maybe the size of a finger. I'm mostly looking to see if anyone has any additional feeding information since he is missing his tail & leg. How much should I be feeding daily (I breed dubia roaches and meal worms) Should I be dusting more than usual? Any additional information would be helpful. For now he is on paper towel, with a very basic setup. Thanks!20220406_222330.jpg


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Congrats on your new gecko. Three legged leopard geckos do fine and the tail is already starting to regenerate. Feed it as much as it will eat every day until it gets bigger (when it starts making fewer and bigger poops, it's time to go to every other day). Dust every other feeding and don't increase the supplementation because it can get oversupplemented.