(HELP) Gecko has big red lump (blister thing?) on outter hemipeme/base of tail


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Hi, title basically sums it up, here is images of it:

I’m sorry the pictures are so blurry, I couldn’t get a good one and he kept biting me…
My guess is it’s a blister or an infection. Seems to be full of puss, but can’t at all comfirm. Calling the vet tomorrow (they’re closed now)
He has been pretty lethargic the past week or two, and has been refusing any and all worms, but he is eating crickets so… can’t say his appetite is completely gone. He just shed (you can see a little shed on his foot and his tail is red bc he had a bad shed) and this appeared today, from what I know, it could have already been there, I haven’t held him in a few days. He’s been offly lethargic… sleeping alllll the time. This is not a prolapse, btw, it’s not coming out of his cloaca or anything. He’s has history with sperm plugs, one time it was very… traumatic lol I have a topic on it if you wanna see. This isn’t a sperm plug, it looks more like it’s just full of something and it’s not part of his hemipene, it’s just on top of it.

Anyway I have absolutely no idea what to do, idk why this gecko always has the weirdest crap happen to him but… here we are!

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I'm sorry to hear about Elliot. This looks like some type infection that will require antibiotics. Perhaps Elliot needs surgery? I'm glad you'll phone the vet tomorrow. Kindly keep this thread updated.

In the meantime PLEASE apply the Silver Sulfadiazine Cream USP 1% to this wound that you got from the vet about 3.5 months ago.

Let's troubleshoot some things.
  1. Elliot's age
  2. Please share a top down image of Elliot.
  3. Size of Elliot's enclosure?
  4. What exact brand & type of multivitamin you use? How often?
  5. What exact brand & type of D3 calcium do you use? How often?
  6. What do you use to gutload Elliot's bugs & worms prior to feeding him?
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Okay turns out he had an infected sperm plug, the vet got it out and drained the infection, and gave me some antibiotics. He’s okay now :)


Hello Koashani,

I think Elizabeth is trying to troubleshoot what may be causing these problems in order to prevent reoccurrence.


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Oh, it was lack of calcium A, so I bought him new vitamins and the vet said to gutload his food with squash