Phelsuma keepers...


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Currently keeping:

Phelsuma andamanense
Phelsuma barbouri
Phelsuma cepediana
Phelsuma flavigularis
Phelsuma inexpectata
Phelsuma pasteuri
Phelsuma quadriocellata
Phelsuma rosagularis
Phelsuma serraticauda
Phelsuma vanheygeni


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My Phelsuma:

I breed:
Phelsuma inexpectata, klemmeri, madagascariensis (mad.mad.), nigristriata
Lygodactylus kimhowelli, picturatus
Expecting two juveniles of P. guttata and searching for L. mombasicus females.

@Malama: Send photos of malamakibo and pronki to believe you that you keep them:nana:


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I just got a Male P. Pasteuri, so now i'm keeping:

1.0 Phelsuma Standingi
1.0 Phelsuma Pasteuri

... and hopefully soon a female pasteuri! :banana:



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PM Grandis

I am new to the Phelsuma network and currently have 2 Phelsuma Madagascariensis Grandis. These beautiful creatures are sub-adults and I believe they are two females. I am planning on purchasing a larger enclosure and I am working with a breeder to find "the perfect" male for them.

They were purchased at around 4 inches in lenght and are now over 8 inches long. One has already began to lay eggs. Two single eggs each time. I look forward to breeding these beautiful geckos and will be looking to this group for advise and to share experiences!

0.0.2 PM Grandis (possibly 0.2.0 PM Grandis)



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phelsuma grandis

I have a breeding pair .

jeroen de kruyk

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as it has been 2 years ago that i have put my list here, i was thinking about an update.
so here goes:

2.2 Phelsuma borbonica agalegae
3.3 Phelsuma borbonica borbonica *
3.2 Phelsuma borbonica mater
0.1 Phelsuma breviceps
4.5 Phelsuma cepediana
2.1 Phelsuma guimbeaui
1.1 Phelsuma inexpectata
4.10 Phelsuma klemmeri
1.1 Phelsuma laticauda angularis
1.1 Phelsuma lineata lineata
1.1 Phelsuma madgascariensis boehmei*
4.2 Phelsuma ornata*
1.1 Phelsuma pussila pussila
1.1 Phelsuma vanheygeni

so far.

it will expand next year I think. (as my wife finds it okay)

all the best,

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I'm keeping 1,2,14 P. klemmeri

Love watching the little ones chasing each other or riding on their daddy's back


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Okay, new to the site,

Phelsuma Dubia (breeding pair)

If anyone has any info on breeding, PM me.
Thanks x