Phelsuma keepers...


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i breed:
2pairs ornata
2pairs cepediana
2pairs guimbeaui
1pairs grandis
1pairs inexpectata
1pairs borbonica borbonica


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2.2.3 Phelsuma Borbonica Agelegae
1.0 Phelsuma Grandis
1.0 Phelsuma Klemerri
1.2 Phelsuma Sundbergi Ladiguensis
1.0 Phelsuma Abotti Checkei
Used to have alot more but nowadays just gotta keep what means the most.


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Got my first day gecko last week. I had always wanted one after keeping mostly nocturnal geckos. Picked up a 4 month old p. grandis and I am very happy with the choice. They make great display animals and I can see myself getting more in the future.





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Phelsuma keepers

P. madagascariensis madagascariensis
P. laticauda laticauda
P. klemmeri
P. cepediana

That's about it!

Andreas D

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Hello !
I am actually keeping:

Phelsuma astriata 1,1,2
Phelsuma hielscheri 1,1,3
Phelsuma klemmeri 1,1
Phelsuma laticauda 1,2,12
Phelsuma lineata dorsivittata 1,1,2
Phelsuma quadriocellata parva westcoast 1,1,16



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1.2.0 P. madagascariensis grandis
1.1.0 P. standingi
1.2.0 P. klemmeri

i want more, but rare species are very hard to come by in canada.

jeroen de kruyk

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new update:

1.1 Phelsuma andamanense
3.2 Phelsuma borbonica agalegae
2.2 Phelsuma borbonica borbonica *
4.4 Phelsuma borbonica mater *
2.3 Phelsuma cepediana *
1.1 Phelsuma flavigularis
3.3 Phelsuma guimbeaui
2.2 Phelsuma inexpectata
5.13 Phelsuma klemmeri *
1.1 Phelsuma madagascariensis boehmei *
4.4 Phelsuma ornata *
1.1 Phelsuma vanheygeni *
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Hi i am keeping now the following speceis of phelsuma....:biggrin:

p.g.guimbeaui 1.0
p.cepediana 1.2
p.nigristriata 1.1
p.quadriocellata 1.1

have kept these specis.....:idea:

p.laticauda 1.1
p.serraticauda 0.0.1
P.m.grandis 2.2
P.lineata 1.1

am looking to keep these in the future..(some ive already kept before):cheer:

p.ornata 1.1
p.g.guimbeaui 0.2... for my male gecko....:blushing:
p.klemmeri 1.1
p.lineata.lineata 1.1


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I'm breeding Phelsuma Robertmertensi's at the moment.

I've got a trio breeding so should have a steady flow of eggs once they've settled.


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brand spanky new to the world of phelsuma but have a pair of p. standingi which im hoping to breed. Fingers crossed.


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just P laticauda laticauda for now. once i've experienced some success i will be getting many more species!


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I have Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis. At the moment they are 6 months and I don't know their sex so I'm only keeping them. Maybe in the future I'll breed them.