Banded gecko 26 gallon bowfront


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I'm thinking about getting a pair of Texas banded geckos. I was thinking of letting the Texas banded geckos naturally breed and incubate. Also I have excavator with sand, it's about 60% clay and 40% sand. I also lined the warm side with Eco Earth, so would a heat mat work then? I will have a moist hide, warm and cool hide. Will all this work?


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Here are the pictures of the tank with a comparison of the other Texas banded gecko tank.


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Okay, I am bringing back this thread. It's been 2 years filled with many hours, days, weeks and months of research. I had a mite problem so the tank has to be redone and set outside to kill of the mites. I just got the soil for the cactus and succulents with a sand/gravle cap. Im thinking of putting a heat mat on the back with a ceramic heat emiiter above a rock pile. I have a nice section of Cholla and old boards to replicate a picture I found from Califoniaherps picture online. Heres the progress of the tear down, the mesh didnt work as well as I hoped.


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Good luck with it. If you want to write about how you did this (with pictures and explanation) Gecko Time will publish it. PM me if you want article guidelines.


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Eco Earth's coco fiber is actually an insulator. So it may be easier to heat from above.

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Found some info on the average temps and rain for parts of the range for C.brevis.

Month High/Low temp Rain Days

January 64° / 42° 4 days

February 69° / 46° 2 days

March 75° / 53° 4 days

April 82° / 60° 3 days

May 87° / 68° 4 days

June 92° / 73° 3 days

July 95° / 75° 3 days

August 96° / 75° 3 days

September 90° / 70° 4 days

October 83° / 62° 4 days

November 73° / 52° 3 days

December 66° / 44° 3 days


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Did some testing for a humid layer soil with organic potting soil as the contilr and had 3 variables, one with sand, another with wood chips and the last with both sand and wood. The best mix was with wood and I figured that but wanted to do some testing. I will have the soil and wood mixed 50/50 and add some crushed up egg shells for my CUC (isopods and springtails)


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Heres the update for you guys, got some clear 100% silicone for the tank and the backgrounds were weighed down by dumbbells. The few plamts I will have will be a sedum sp. and dry grass. Found out the Joshs Frogs mu=ight have some for sale at the end of the summer k]or early fall. Im going to hopefully get 1 male and 1 female.