Heat mat question


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I am going to upgrade my AFT from his current 10 gallon tank to a 20 gallon long. On my leopard geckos 20 L I use an ultratherm 11 x 17 but the place I got it from no longer carries them and shipping is expensive for the other websites I’ve checked that have them in stock. The company ipower has an 18 x 8 and a 12 x 8 heat mat for sale (the products I’ve gotten from them in the past have worked very well), the heat mat will of course be connected to a working thermostat that I already have.
So, which size should I get? Or would you recommend any other heat mats for my size tank on amazon?
-extra question-
I also want to use eco earth for my geckos substrate to help keep humidity up. He refuses to eat any big that isn’t a cricket and isn’t running so would it be safe to feed him on eco earth?
Thank you!


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I like Zoomed heat cable because you can attach it and them move it somewhere else if you change enclosures. You would need the 14' or 25' size. I have kept all my fat tails and continue to keep my gargs and crested geckos on eco earth and no one has ever had a problem eating crickets with that substrate.