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  • Hi Elizabeth, I just got my 2 pair of masobe today and uploaded photos of them as well as a profile pic of myself so everyone can see how they are talking to :) When you get a chance check them out!!! My 2 females are 22 grams each and my males are 12 grams each, I think the females need to be about 30 grams to mate so I'm estimating their not fully grown yet. Im not sure how big the males get but you can definitely tell they are male and the females are female easy. I hope the females wait until they are 30 grams to mate. But anyway they are beautiful and my male from my pair 2 is shedding so thats good. I will try and keep you updated, I'm letting them settle in a bit. The male from my pair 1 would not come off my arm:) and the female bit me twice lol, not hard though I think she was just scared. but they look to be in good health!!! Take care Elizabeth and I will talk to you soon.

    I noticed you left a visitor message and you normally PM me? Were you not able to get through?:roll: Sleep will be nice, let me check my options again.
    I made a "print ready" easy to read word document of your care sheet. Just an fyi it is 40 PAGES LONG! lol. I should publish this book for you, and then send you the proceeds for all your hard work.
    Emanuel ~ I know that it is sometimes hard to wait, but the morph of your leos will not change :p. If I knew I'd tell you.
    could you tell me what morph you think my two leos are please? there in the sticky thread for morphs at the very end.thanks!
    Hi! I just signed up for GU and so far am delighted with the info I am finding! I have always wanted to have leopard geckos and now I have them! Lots of really nice morphs. Some will be ready to breed in February! Can't help but be excited about this! Anyway, thank you for having me! Cynora1962
    Hello Elizabeth.! I'm brand new here,this is my first post,but I only joined to ask you a few questions. Your care guide is amazing.! Helped with alotttt of my questions,and I have it saved in my favs. I hope to get a leo in the near future,to go along with my beardie and my crestie. I'm still a bit confused about somethings..I hope you can help me.! Thank you for everything.!
    I'm confused about what to do...use a UTH by itself,or use it with an overhead light..it says on your careguide to do both,but I've seen other people use either one..what do you use.?I finally now know to use a calcium withOUT d3 in the dish in the leo's tank..what do you suggest I use for that.?For feeding younger leos,can I feed everyday.?And what do I dust the crickets with.? With d3.? Do I mix it with a multivitamin..I'm still very confused as to what to do.! Do you dust using both at every feeding.??One last quick question..do you turn off everything at night.?
    Thank you once again.!
    Great visual website. You gotta soak her in warm water and gently help her remove the shed from her toes. Otherwise stuck shed will constrict the toes and cause them to fall off. In my caresheet are 4 different methods to do the soaks. That hopefully will help with the eyes.

    Please continue these issues right on your thread---not here. The thread is much more visible :) to all
    I can't do this right this minute. Any chance you could try again to upload them here? I uploaded a few pics last night to another thread and it seemed to work fine.
    Please visit my Leopard Gecko's website for images that could help you to help me with the eye problem!

    Website Link-
    Lulu the Leopard Gecko - Home
    Hey Elizabeth I done cutting the legs off the crickets but she still won't eat them I just don't think she's interested in them at all is their any other foods to feed her she will not eat locust at all.

    Thank you for all your help x
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